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Membership Plan


No Insurance? No Problem
Join our Membership Plan!

  • FREE: 2 Cleanings with Exams***

    • Includes fluoride if indicated

    •  ***Those with Perio Plan will receive up to 4 perio maintenance cleanings

  • FREE: All necessary X-rays

  • FREE: 1 Emergency Visit


    • 15% off all other services

      • excludes Invisalign Treatments

Simple and crafted with your needs in mind


Select your plan


Pay the annual fee


Immediately receive your benefits


Sit back and Smile!

It's that simple!


Individual Adult...........................................$430

Additional Adult..........................................$385

Child (17 and under).................................$260

Perio Plan***....................................................$610

***Perio Plan is for patients needing 3-4 periodontal maintenance cleanings each year. 

  • ​$170 for New Patient's First year

  • $41 for Existing Patients each year

  • $149 for Perio Patients each year

  • And save even more with the 15% off discount applied to additional treatments!

Unlike the complexity of a traditional insurance plan: 

NO waiting periods

NO denial of benefits

NO yearly maximums

NO deductibles

The "Fine Print" Details

Disclaimer: This is NOT a dental insurance plan, but rather a dental savings plan for eligible members. The benefits of this dental savings plan are honored only at Prairie Creek Dental and cannot be used with another dental plan. Additionally, worker's compensation, referrals to specialists, hospitalization, hospital charges, and dental costs covered under medical or auto insurance are excluded. 

  • Who is eligible?

    • Anyone without dental insurance​

  • What if I have another dental plan?

    • Unfortunately you would not be eligible for our membership plan while participating with another dental plan. HOWEVER, many of our patients have chosen to cancel or let their dental plans expire to become eligible and then join our membership. 

  • How do I know which plan is right for me?

    • Your plan will be determined by your age (Adult or Child) and your gum health needs. Most patients do not need the Perio Plan, but Dr. Platt will evaluate your gum health at your first visit and help you determine your needs. 

  • When do I have to pay?

    • Membership fees are due the day of joining the program​

  • When does this plan go into effect?

    • The plan goes into effect immediately with no waiting periods.

    • It begins on the day of enrollment and expires one year from the date of enrollment

  • What if I do not end up utilizing my benefits during the year?​

    • Nothing! There are no penalties or fees - you simply miss your opportunity to take advantage of what was available to you. It's no different than buying a concert ticket and deciding to skip the show!

    • Our official policy is "no refunds will be issued at any time if the participant decides not to utilize the membership plan."

  • What if I want to signup my whole family?​

    • Let us know that you want to sign up the family, and we will help you bundle it together in order to keep things simple and easy. 

    • Please Note: The Annual fee for families will be due all together and pro-rated as needed. 

  • Are there any additional fees to be aware of?​

    • Definitely not! Pay your ONE annual fee and immediately enjoy your free benefits and discounts for one year. 

      • Clarification #1: If you would like to continue your membership after the first year, you will be charged another annual fee. (One fee = one year of membership.)

      • Clarification #2: If your desired dental service is not one of the listed free benefits, then you will still be responsible for the cost of treatment (after your 15% discount is applied of course) 

  • Are there any exclusions to the 15% discount to be aware of?

    • Yes, there are no discounts given for Invisalign Treatments or Take-Home Products (ex. Whitening Refills, Rx Toothpastes, Rx Mouthwashes, etc). 

Frequently Asked Questions


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