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First Visit


What to expect:

Upon arrival, come to the front desk where you will be verbally screened for Covid and have your temperature taken. We will then collect your completed New Patient Forms. Forms will be provided in the event that you are unable to access them before your appointment.


***If you would prefer, you may call or text the office phone number (479-925-3632) to let us know that you have arrived in the parking lot and we will meet you at the car to take care of the Covid Screening and New Patient Forms. Then you will be notified via call/text once we are ready for you. A team member will then escort you from your car straight to the exam room.***

Once you are comfortable, here's what to expect:

1. Confirmation of any pertinent medical information

2. Radiographs and photographs to aid in identifying any dental needs

3. Gum health screening 

4. A thorough oral exam with Dr. Platt

5. Time for Dr. Platt to discuss any findings with you and address any additional concerns you may have

6. A custom plan for treatment to address the doctor's diagnosis and your esthetic concerns.

Following your assessment, a team member will escort you to the checkout desk to coordinate any necessary follow up visits and go over any financial concerns. 

That's it! We can't wait to meet you!


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